5 Easy Ways To Go Green While Driving In Your Car

Climate change is a pressing concern for countries all over the world. Every nation is doing its part in reducing its carbon footprint. The rise in electric vehicle production and use in the United States paves the way for a cleaner planet. If you can’t afford a smart car, that’s no reason for you not to contribute towards the mandate of ‘going green.’


Here are the easiest ways to do your part and adopt more eco-friendly ways while in your car!


Don’t Overuse the Air Conditioner

Summers can be hot in the United States, but try to use the A.C. as little as possible. This way, you’ll save up on fuel consumption, which in turn, will exert less pressure on non-renewable resources. To ensure this, get your A.C. regularly serviced so it performs at its optimum without running it for long periods at a stretch. Roll down your windows to get fresh, cool air instead of completely banking on the A.C.


Don’t Litter

Many people are guilty of littering, which causes pollution. This is especially true for plastic bags, wrappers, and bottles which are detrimental to the environment. Instead of taking napkins, gums, and banana peels out of the car while driving, use a spare paper bag to temporarily store this waste. Once you reach your destination, you can dispose of this in the trash or recycle it!



Instead of using unreliable paper maps, turn to GPS to find your exact location. Using GPS is more eco-friendly and reduces the time you spend driving around in search of your destination. This is viable as GPS will help you find the shortest route to your destination, alerting you of any traffic jams that result in greater fuel usage. GPS is more convenient and conducive to the environment as well.


Reduce Your Car’s Load

The more load your car has, the higher its gas usage will be. Fuel usage to run cars places a greater burden on the earth’s resources. To avoid this, lighten your car’s load whenever possible. Instead of using your car’s trunk for storage, place the heavier items (that you don’t need) in your garage. This step will reduce your fuel expense in the long run, which is an added perk for you.



Use Vinegar Solution to Clean Your Car Windows

To ensure an eco-friendly car cleaning process, avoid filling buckets of water to wash the car. Instead, rely on alternative cleaning methods that are effective and environmentally friendly as well. Use a diluted vinegar solution to spray on your car windows. Vinegar will remove any dirt and grime, ensuring you use water sparingly.



Wrapping Up

There are several other ways to go green while in your car. Try carpooling to reduce your carbon footprint. Each individual’s contribution will go a long way in making this a cleaner and greener planet, so start right away!