DIY Solar: How to Start & Earn Profits

In one of the recent studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, the results are that America could decarbonize its power grid with the help of solar energy and power almost forty percent of the United Nation’s electricity by 2035.


This transition will not increase electricity prices and will be great for the environment. With a drop in the price of solar panels, it is profitable to install one. However, it is still quite expensive for many. Thus, the concept of making your solar panel is far better. Here’s how to start DIY Solar and earn profits.


DIY Solar Is Much Cheaper Than Buying & Installing One

You can make one if you don’t have the budget to invest in a solar panel. It is much more affordable, and you will enjoy the profits of low-cost solar electricity provides. A DIY solar panel system will allow you greater flexibility and save thousands of dollars in cost.


Building the home solar system and hiring a professional electrician to connect it to the grid will cost you much less than purchasing and installing it. An expert will carry out the dangerous installation activity and ensure your solar panel system meets the local laws and codes.


DIY Solar Steps


  1. First, you must sign up for a free copy of the To Catch the Sun e-book.
  2. Then, decide what type of solar panel system you need and set a budget for the required equipment. You will need access to hand tools.
  3. While the book will guide you on the basics of solar system design and electricity, you will still require some fundamental math skills.
  4. You can ensure you meet your power needs best by conducting an energy audit of all the applications. Make use of spreadsheets in the book to design your solar panel system.
  5. Whatever activity you carry out, ensure that you do so with the safety guidelines in mind. You must hire an expert electrician to carry out the installation process once you build it.

Cut Down on Your Costs

DIY Solar will help you cut down the money you spend on electricity and help save lives. Since solar photovoltaic technology is one of the lowest-cost electricity in the United States and Canada, making this your main option is much easier and cheaper. It is why the majority of individuals opt for this.


Leading companies such as Walmart, Apple, and Google have these giant solar panel systems and are making huge money. Smaller and average-sized companies can also do the same.


Final Verdict

Whether rich, poor, or somewhere in the middle, it is time to move to DIY Solar to improve your financial stability and wallet. Not only will it benefit you but your neighbors as well. There are much greater chances of seeing average middle-class neighbors sporting solar panels on most unshaded rooftops.