Eco-Alternatives For Toxic Bleach

Bleach is one of the best cleaning products when it comes to white whether its clothes or household linens, most white products are cleaned with bleach that can be toxic and can pollute water sources. You can use alternative cleaning products that aren’t toxic and keep your whites clean as new.


There are a couple of household ingredients to make your own green cleaning solution including sodium hydrosulfite (salt & water), vinegar, washing soda, lemon juice, oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide. You don’t want to mix all these ingredients together but research some DIY cleaner project to make a household cleaner that suits your needs.


Another option to making your own whitening detergent is buying from brands that offer whitening detergent that can replace bleach while getting the desired benefits. There are a couple of eco-friendly brands that offer bleach-free alternatives for laundry that will whiten your clothes better than bleach.


You can either make your own whitening detergent with the previously mentioned materials or get a detergent for sensitive skin that you can add some whitening boost product when washing your whites. Method the Laundry Booster Whites product that comes in detergent pellet form that isn’t heavy but works with heavy-duty magic to whiten what you need during your next laundry day. This product can be found online or at Target in the laundry aisle.


Seventh Generation is a household product brand that is known for having a clean reputation offering laundry detergent for sensitive skins and minimal harsh ingredients. You should try Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach that is phosphate-free, color-safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, safe for septic tanks, and cruelty-free as they don’t do animal testing. This eco-friendly detergent consists of powerful ingredients like deionized water, oxygen-safe bleach, and oxygen bleach stabilizer.


A New York-based company known as The Laundress offers a great variety of eco-friendly household and cleaning products including one of their best sellers, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. This fragrance-free multi-purpose product is versatile that can be used for laundry and household cleaning projects.