Experience Traditional India’s Finest Cuisine


How was it started? 

Samosas are delicious potatoes, meat, peppers, and spices all stuffed into a fried dough. The samosa started way back in the medieval ages in Persia and Egypt, shaping some like pyramids. They first came to India in the 1300s; it was called a Samsa made with meat, ghee, and onion, and India started its take on these delicious samosas by adding potato and an extra kick of spice. 


Vada Pav (India’s Hamburger) 

Where did this deliciousness come from? 

The vada pav originated in Maharashtra and is called the Bambi Burger in India; it is cheap native street food. Unlike a hamburger, it is made with a pav roll of soft bread, then is drenched in chutney or masala sauce with a giant fried potato fritter in the shape of a ball. It also has a spicy flavor and can sometimes have cheese shredded on top. 



What are these delicious-looking dumplings? 

Momos come from Nepal, located between India and the East, South, and Tibet regions of China. The Momo was initially a food made by the Newari dating back to the early 14th century and who introduced it to a Tibet Nepalese princess who was married to a Tibetan king in the late 15th century. Unlike the Tibetan version, a Momo-cooked Indian style is made with a hot sauce style tomato base, vegetables, meats, and spices.