How To Reduce, Reuse, and Save Your Money

Ever since the debates on climate change have started becoming a sociopolitical agenda, a wave of consciousness has taken over people. Today, people are environmentally responsible and aware of their actions, and perhaps that’s the primary reason why the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has become a motto for many. However, did you know that this motto could also lead you to financial independence? Let’s discuss how.


Starting Small Adds Up

When you’re on your way towards financial independence, attending to some essential yet often overlooked things can go a long way. For starters, try turning off the lights in your house. As you’re becoming conscious of your actions in reducing the energy, you’re also saving some bucks on your electricity bill. Avoid using a microwave and heat your food on the stove in a similar range of objects.

You can also try using washable napkins and towels for daily use instead of buying paper towels. This way, you’ll reduce the amount of waste in the landfill while saving the trees cut each day to manufacture such consumer products. Using washable cotton pads to remove makeup instead of makeup wipes can also change drastically. While helping the environment, you’re also saving some dollars on the items you frivolously spend.

Set Your Conveniences Aside

We all have had those days when cooking seems like a chore, and we decide to order food. The food delivery service provides a prepared meal at your doorstep within minutes, saving you time and effort. However, paying for your meal and your family’s dinner adds up. Now imagine the same thing happening every other night. The cost would eventually have you wondering where your money is going. How does this relate to the environment? The amount of plastic and paper involved in your food packaging adds up, and the entire garbage ends up in a landfill. This process hurts the environment, but we are so accustomed to it that our brain hardly registers it. Avoiding convenience such as food and grocery deliveries at your doorstep could save you cash while decreasing the landfill.

Use Locally Sourced Food

Have you ever wondered where your food is coming from? Is it from some other state or a local agricultural farm? Supporting local farms and using their products builds a sense of community while providing fresh and organic food at relatively lower prices than the ones you buy at the grocery store. This act saves you cash which you would notice if you made food at home. Whether it’s vegetables, fruits, poultry, or meat, you can contact your local farmer for every food product.

How does locally sourced food help the environment? The food that travels from another state or country reaches your local grocery store using the transport service. Transportation used in the process isn’t yet electrical, indicating that the vehicle’s carbon emission is harming the environment.


Closing Thoughts

We’re accustomed to a particular way of living. However, making conscious decisions regarding how we live and where we get our daily consumer products from can contribute to reducing and reusing while saving us some cash to lead us to financial independence. Remember, it’s all in our daily choices.