IKEA is Now Selling Renewable Energy

IKEA is one of the most popular furniture brands in the world. Apart from selling affordable and high-quality furniture, the brand is also known for its efforts toward sustainability. IKEA has announced that starting in September, they will start selling renewable energy at selective stores in California.

Before its US launch, IKEA offered residential solar in eleven other markets. Moreover, customers praised the programs’ easy buying process, speedy installations, and cost benefits when utilizing their IKEA membership.

According to a statement by IKEA, this program aims to make sustainable energy sources more affordable and accessible to everyone. Moreover, IKEA hopes to combat climate change. The Swedish company aspires to create the largest renewable energy movement by working closely with its employees, clients, and partners worldwide.

Besides preserving the environment, solar energy has several advantages. Solar panels are more affordable. With government incentives, reduced energy costs, and cheaper energy, a residential solar system can pay for itself before replacing panels. 

Due to the high costs and the installation process’s complexity, many homeowners are reluctant to buy residential solar systems. Finance agreements can be complex, and a few impose liens on solar panels, which can be problematic when purchasing or selling a property.

As per Ingka Group, the company that owns most IKEA stores globally, households can purchase reasonably priced renewable power from wind or solar parks while tracking their consumption via an app.

This initiative will offer IKEA’s customer loyalty program members to get access to solar power via SunPower. According to Ingka, the goal is to promote the construction of new parks by providing power from solar and wind parks that last at least five years. 

IKEA wants to be “climate positive” by 2030, which means cutting emissions of greenhouse gases across the whole IKEA value chain, from the manufacture of raw materials to the disposal of customers’ furniture.

IKEA Sweden’s head of sustainability, Jonas Carlehed, told Reuters that he aimed to expand the company’s solar panel supply to all markets along with its new renewable energy offer.

IKEA US CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer Javier Quiones says that introducing Home Solar with IKEA will enable more consumers to exercise better control over their energy requirements. He further added that IKEA’s objective is to provide clean energy services across other IKEA sites in the future.

Since IKEA is a well-reputed and trusted brand that offers quality products to regions across the works, it is evident that homeowners are likely to have solar panels installed in their homes through IKEA.

IKEA is widely seen as an excellent example of business sustainability. It has started a buy-back furniture program, recycles mattresses, and no longer sells single-use products.

IKEA is now well on track to become carbon neutral by 2030 due to its investments in renewable energy, which allows the company to create as much clean energy as it consumes.