Save Money Through Conserving Water Heater Resources

Did you know that the three top alliances that consume the most energy in the house and contribute to a high bill are your AC, furnace and water heater? We consume hot water A LOT. It is used daily for showering, doing the dishes, laundry, and more.

You can turn off the furnace in summer and set the thermostat to a low temperature to save money. What about the water heater? These are some easy tips on how to lower the energy bill of a water heater:


Lower The Temperature

A water heater’s temperature is set by the manufacturer. This temperature is usually high and gives you scalding water. Simply turn down the temperature to 60°C. This will not only give you the right level of hot water but also eliminate bacteria from your tank.


Take Shorter Showers

A water heater with a tank system heats water and stores it. As soon as the water level drops, the heater starts up again. You can provide use of extra energy by taking short showers.


Install Low-Flow Fixtures

Today, manufacturers have come up with different faucet designs that help with savings on your water bill. A faucet with a low-flow fixture delivers the same experience and pressure as a standard faucet.


Install A Timer

It’s summer, and you are not using the water heater, so you turn it off but what about in winter? To stop the unnecessary waste of energy, install a timer. It will shut off the heater automatically at a certain time.


Insulate The Pipes And Tanks

A water heater should heat water, not your basement or garage. Exposed pipes lead to this, which is why you should get them insulated.


Install Heat Traps

Heat escapes from old water heaters through a process known as convection. Modern water heaters already have heat traps. You can get this feature installed in your water heater by calling a professional plumber.


Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

Most people don’t concern themselves with the water heater until winter arrives. Such negligence degrades the appliance and slows it down. Tank heaters should be drained to remove sediments and prolong the appliance’s life.


Wash Clothes With Water

Most people do at least 3 cycles of laundry. Using hot water for washing clothes not only increases your energy bill but also destroys your clothes. Try sticking to cold water and go lukewarm in winter.


Stop Leaks

Leaky faucets waste a lot of water. It also causes damage to your floor and might lead to mold. So, before it reaches a point you have to rip floors and get them fixed.


Replace Old Appliances

Buying a new, tankless water heater can be very easy. If you don’t have that kind of money, consider replacing your old washing machine or dishwasher. Any appliance older than 10 years is no longer energy efficient and uses more water.


Run The Dishwasher When It’s Full

Loading your dishwasher with a couple of plates and using it again for bowls and dishes will waste a huge amount of water. If you have a large family, wait until everyone is done eating and only then use the dishwasher.


Go ahead, locate your water heater’s shutoff valve, call a plumber, and make the changes we have mentioned in this blog post.