See Why An Automatic Car Wash Is More Ecofriendly Then Washing You Car at Home

In an effort to save the environment, automobile owners worldwide are switching to sustainable and environmental car wash options. If you want to do your part in saving the planet, go for an automatic car wash. This blog post covers why automatic car washes are more eco-friendly than washing your car at home. Additionally, it also covers some car wash tips you should know! So, read on to find out.


Why You Should Go for An Automatic Car Wash

Here are reasons automatic car washes are better for the planet:


1.      Saves Water

A regular garden hose has a flow rate of ten water gallons/min. Therefore a car wash that takes ten minutes may use around 100 gallons of water, which is a lot. In contrast, an automatic car wash uses between 35 to 85 gallons of water. The water savings are rather obvious. As opposed to washing your car at home, going to a professional car wash can help you save between 20 and 70 gallons of water.


2.      Better Drainage System

Commercial car wash businesses are mandated by U.S. federal law to drain their wastewater into the sewer system, which is cleaned before being released into the environment.

However, the water from washing your car in the driveway immediately enters storm drains and ultimately finds its way to rivers, canals, wetlands, and more. This untreated water will pollute whatever body of water it enters since it contains potentially harmful compounds.


3.      High-Pressure Washers

High-pressure washing systems are used in automatic vehicle wash facilities, which helps to save water. Using the water hose to wash your automobile by hand requires using between 80 and 140 gallons of water each time.

On the other hand, a machine vehicle wash with high-pressure nozzles makes far better use of the water. Professional car washers can choose how much water a vehicle requires and when to use it by utilizing high-pressure washing systems.


4 Automatic Car Wash Tips


  1. Avoid needless things like tire polish and tire protectant. Although a polished tire may be attractive, it won’t improve your car’s performance. Furthermore, for the same price difference as the up-charge, you could purchase a commercial car tire shine, which is quite simple to use.


  1. Take advantage of an undercarriage wash if you have the option. Not many car owners wash the underneath of their vehicles, even though that is where the grime and dirt accumulate. This dirt can harm your automobile by blocking vents and moving components under the car. Use pressure washers and water jets to remove debris and ensure that your car’s undercarriage is in good shape.
  2. Be sure to get the wheels and tires cleaned at the car wash to improve their efficiency.


  1. Avoid getting the windows and windshield cleaned manually, as the towels they use often have grime and dirt residues.


Final Word

If you want to conserve water and save effort, go for an automatic car wash –it is much more eco-friendly than a regular cash wash.