Take a Deep Dive Into The Underwater Art World

If you love art and enjoy scuba diving, then make sure to add Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park to your bucket list. A visit to this Underwater Sculpture Park is an experience of a lifetime.

Located off the coast of Grenada and on the ocean floor of Moilinere Bay lies the most beautiful and awe-inspiring underwater gallery featuring over 75 stunningly creative sculptures, made mainly by deCaires Taylor.


Underwater Art World- Drowning with a Purpose

The sculptures are intentionally submerged in the sea between 15 and 75 below. It invites divers to explore the artwork and see how environmental threats and changes have damaged our ecosystem.

Jason deCaires Taylor ingeniously depicted the dangers faced by the ocean through his artistry and sculptures amid the coral fields while showcasing ways to create a new and safe habitat for marine life. Jason deCaires Taylor is a well-reputed and award-winning sculptor and environmentalist.

The British artist’s art and craftsmanship are a real depiction of excellence. He has created nearly 1,100 life-size sculptures submerged in seas and oceans worldwide. Indeed, the contents of his underwater artwork gallery don’t need words to understand emotions and his thought process.

The massive collection of deCaires Taylor’s chilling life-size sculptures makes a dive into Grenada waters truly memorable. This underwater art world is one-of-a-kind and is bound to make your scuba diving experience exhilarating.


Undisputed Artistry – What to Expect Underwater?

The themes explored by deCaires include environmental activism, climate emergency, and the regenerative quality of nature. The sculptures in Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park represent the fragile relationship between humans and the marine world.

The sculptures of a group of children holding hands in a circle are breathtaking. Though they have no expressions and have been destroyed much after Hurricane Ivan, these sculptures of children now support marine life, including coral and fish.

The ocean took a toll on them, making the imperfect skin of the children appear frailer, and their vague faces show deep sadness. These sculptures represent the growth cycle beginning, but they didn’t experience adulthood as the ocean consumed them.

Apart from this, several other sculptures submerged in water-themed around environmental awareness. You’ll be amazed by what you see as you explore the sea.


Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA)

This is yet another underwater art world cofounded by deCaires Taylor in 2009 after the huge success of Grenada’s sculpture park. MUSA is located off the Mexican coast featuring nearly 500 life-sized and jaw-dropping sculptures.

One of his biggest contributions to this museum is La Evolucion Silenciosa which includes 420 people serving as an artificial reef promoting marine life. Besides this, the Museo Atlántico museum, launched in 2016, has grabbed a lot of attention because of deCaires significant artwork.

Under the water, you can see two of his artworks. One artwork features two people taking a selfie. Right in front of it is another artwork showcasing people struggling in a stranded raft. The purpose of having both pieces together is to show how people are losing the ability to empathize and easily disconnect themselves from serious things happening around them.

In conclusion, these underwater sculpture parks are fun to explore and help increase people’s awareness about environmental change and how it’s affecting everyone- humans and marine life. So, plan a trip to Mexico or Grenada and dip in the sea to explore the underwater art world. Get ready to be mesmerized.