The Best U.S. Travel Destinations For Fall Foliage

People worldwide come to beautiful destinations in the United States to see the sight of fall foliage for a refreshing look. Even though it’s just a bunch of colorful leaves, the peace and calm it gives to the mind of viewers cannot be explained.

People need some of the most mind-relaxing destinations to visit at least once for the sake of a deserving break. You must check out the following most famous destinations in the United States if you are a tourist or even a resident of that country.


The White Mountains

As the nights grow longer and the days become shorter, chlorophyll stops producing food by breaking down in the absence of sunlight which makes the color of the leaves turn yellow, orange, or red. This phenomenon mostly happens in September and October when the entire region of the White Mountains turns into a field of colorful leaves. People from all over the world visit the White Mountains, especially to sightsee fall foliage, one of those places where fall is so prominent and spectacular from the other seasons.


Acadia National Park

Even though the fall foliage starts to appear in Acadia National Park in late September, the peak time for best sightseeing would be the early weeks of October. The destination is so mesmerizing that people would be willing to step out of their cars and hike into the jungle to find the beautiful spot of Acadia National Park. The efforts are all worth the view.


Stowe, Vermont

This destination in the United States requires you to hike on Mount Mansfield to reach the scenic view of fall foliage. The peak time when you can enjoy the scenery is during the mid of October.

With pounding hearts and heavy breaths after a hiking session to reach the destination of Stowe, the town welcomes you with open arms offering the best services for a stay so that you can enjoy the view for a bit long.


The Kancamagus Highway

This highway is located near North Woodstock town. Driving yourself through the woods of those colorful and vibrant leaves is jaw-dropping. The experience can make you fall in love with long drives, but only if the road is that beautiful.

The highway also provides some spots where you can stop the car and take pictures to capture memories on your phone. Walking between those trees can give you a conscious experience if you manage to take out some time.


Moosehead Lake Scenic Byway

This lake in Maine provides a meditative experience to the people who come to clear their minds. You can ride a kayak in the lake to enjoy the mesmerizing scene of the beautiful leaves while sitting in the water. The place also has some wild animals you can find as you explore the region.


A Mindful End

Giving yourself a break amid all the working chaos is what everyone in this world deserves. Going out there to see the vibrant colors of leaves in the fall season can clear your mind to a great extent. Grab on to this blog as you decide to explore the places with the best scenic views of fall foliage.