Top 3 Underrated Presidential Sites to Visit In America

With President’s Day approaching, there is no better time to start admiring some of the nation’s leaders who came before us. One way to pay your homage to the past is by traveling. In America, we have done a great job of stocking the country full of landmarks, monuments, parks and more in tribute to former presidents, with many of them being well worth your time to visit. Here are the top 5 Presidential Sites in America that I recommend checking out.



Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota)


Theodore Roosevelt was well known for his contributions to the National Park Service and for generally bringing awareness to the beauty of the American land. Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota not only displays nature at its finest as it is located in the rugged Badlands, but it also pays homage to Teddy Roosevelt himself, as it was the former site of his hunting grounds. If you want to experience nature and learn about a former president, this is the place for you.



Lincoln Home National Historic Site (Illinois)


While the Lincoln Memorial in DC may get all the attention (and deservedly so), the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois may be the best place to learn about the actual life of the 16th president. This is the site of the home (and only home) that Abraham Lincoln owned, and can offer a look into both his personal and political life in a close and hands-on setting. The house is open to the public, and you can even book a free tour.



Federal Hall National Memorial (New York)


One of the more underrated historic sites in the nation may be the Federal Hall National Memorial in New York City. This is the site of the original capital building of the United States, before Washington D.C. It is also the location where the Bill of Rights was passed and the Stamp Act in 1765 as well. In terms of presidents, you will find this historic place especially informative of George Washington.